Our Ministry

Integrity Beauty Women of Excellence is a unique Christian ministry for women that includes pageantry, motivational speaking and advocacy. Our program utilizes members' life experiences to enhance the lives of others, and increases the participant's self esteem and passion for Christ. Members gather through community events, virtual communication, conference calls, blog writing and Blog Talk Radio.

Our mission is to inspire women of all ages to become effective leaders and "Heal the Hearts and Inspire the Lives" of those individuals who are lost. Each Integrity Beauty Woman of Excellence ambassador is recognized as she displays integrity, excellence, strives to serve Jesus Christ and promotes inward beauty.The main focus of Integrity Beauty Women of Excellence is to recognize its members' achievements and create effective leaders. Furthermore, each ambassador recognizes her own mentors who have been an inspiration to her.

Integrity Beauty is not a beauty pageant. It is a Christian Pageant Ministry that uses the crown and sash as a tool to approach those who may not feel approachable. The crown and sash are a trademark of Ms. Albert, our visionary, which also represents that though we may be broken, in God's sight, we are his princesses.

Integrity Beauty Women of Excellence would like to help every person create a platform from her own life experience. Each ambassador is provided the opportunity to increase their own self-confidence by telling her testimonies to other people who are spiritually lost and without hope and to motivate and enhance these individuals who are misguided in the world.

About Integrity Beauty

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"My life has been touched by Roberta. She came into my life just at the right time. Her love, honesty, caring nature has brought peace and happiness in my life. Her mission and dream for fits right into my lifestyle and truly enjoy helping other through life situations. Getting the word out that through God all things are possible, and there are people who want and help others. My gift of speaking to others has been one of my positive things to have accomplished for many years and truly have been blessed to continue to help others now and in the future. Prayer is powerful and truly helps many, love being able to oversee the Prayer Team and will continue as long as I can. I have truly been blessed through Integrity Beauty Women of Excellence and my friendship and working relationship with Roberta and the other team members to get the word out to help others."

- Angela Howell

Director of American Beauties Plus Pageant