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"I cannot even begin to start to describe the way my life has changed since I have had the opportunity to represent Integrity Beauty. I am so thankful that I have been given the opportunity to use the trials I have experienced in my life and create a platform to help encourage women of all ages about domestic violence, learning to love and value your self. As I look at my crown I believe that each stone represents each life that I have helped to mentor, encourage and inspire.

IB is an awesome program to help women who have not only powerful stories and desire to have their voice heard, but to improve confidence and self esteem working as a team with a network of women with the same goal in mind. To promote Integrity and Excellence in our lives and our communities but also to give back to those who so desperately want to be loved and valued.

IB is the first program I have ever worked with that allows women to be heard and recognized for their life experience. IB does more than Heals Hearts and Inspire Lives, it creates a fire with in you to forgive your self for your past mistakes and passionately birth a desire to help as many as you can who are lost in this world."

- Mary Kay Homchosky

Inaugural Integrity Beauty Woman of Excellence